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"It's hard to find someone you can trust with your home and family, who also loves animals and has a lot of experience (including medical!). Michelle is all that and more. She truly loves and cares for my crazy crew as much as I do, and is so patient with me and all my detailed instructions. I'm a little over-the-top due to some negative past experiences with other sitters, so I'm very picky and a classic "worried mom" when I'm away. Michelle is one of the few people I've ever fully trusted with my cats and dogs. She is patient, so easy to communicate with and is very detail-oriented. She also knows how to handle all types of animals -- even my nervous and high-maintenance little dog was in her lap at their first meeting! It gives me peace of mind knowing Michelle is checking on my house, observing anything out of place, and would handle any problem or situation that came up in a calm, professional way. Michelle, THANK YOU! We are so lucky to have you!"


                                                       - Jen S., North Aurora

"I own two little fluffs that Michelle walks for me weekdays during the lunch hour. One of my dogs has fear aggression. When they first met, Michelle calmed his fears by letting him "talk" as she pet and talked to him. He warmed up pretty quickly to her. Who doesn't like a good butt rub? She walks them and helps burn off some of their energy. Afterwards, she lets me know how things went and brings up any concern or thoughts that she thinks I should know about. Working in a veterinarian's office for all that time gives her some insight I might not see. I have great trust in her to take care of them when I can't be there."


                                                                Bernie A., Lisle

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